2012 Bone-Jolly Gamay Noir Rose

2012 is the seventh year we’ve made pink wine from Gamay grapes, and it seems like the very best one so far. As it happens, I’ve said that now for 4 years in a row, but this time, I really mean it. (And I reserve the right to say it again next year, too!) There’s a certain amount of luck involved, which is true of any sort of agricultural endeavor, I guess. I’ve begun to think of what I do each year as a kind of meditative practice, involving the very centered focussing of attention. I think I’m getting better, at least some of the time. Since everybody seems to like the wine so much this year, who knows? Maybe I’m right!


Witters Vineyard, planted in 2000, is situated on a North-facing slope, on volcanic clay-loam soils, at about 1,000 meters elevation, above Camino, in the Apple Hill area, East from Placerville.


Grapes picked on September 5th and September 10th. De-stemmed directly to press, and given roughly 90 minutes skin-contact before pressing directly into stainless, to ferment under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry after 18 days. Malolactic fermentation blocked with small SO2 addition, and lowering temperature. Racked in late January, and filtered and bottled on February 20, 2013.


Quite pale pink, with blue cast. Pretty, fresh and charged red-fruit and melony aromas, juicy and long in the mouth. At once quenching and eliciting thirst, and stirring appetite! There aren't many kinds of food this wine won’t make more fun to eat!

Steve Edmunds, Winemaker

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